Therapy with adults

The sources of psychological symptoms and distresses are fairly clear and specific, sometimes. Perhaps, you are going through a transition period in your life (e.g. moving away from family to live independently, getting married, retirement), or you are dealing with some stressful events (e.g. divorce, relocation, bereavement). Other times, you may suffer from psychological symptoms and distresses over a prolonged period without a specific triggering or stressful event, or find the improvement from prior psychological treatment has failed to be maintained. It might suggest the origin of these issues and difficulties, which could often be traced back to your early life, has not yet been identified and processed. Perhaps, you are not aware that you strive to become a perfect worker, husband and father is largely due to the shadow of your punitive parents. Or, you cannot stop yourself from pleasing others and always put others’ needs before yours without realizing how you were brought up to believe you are unimportant or unworthy.

The mode of treatment varies depending on the nature of your difficulties, severity of mental distress, level of functional impairments and certainly, your expectations and goals for therapy.

…You may feel relieved and ready to move on after a couple of counselling sessions to unload what has been emotionally overwhelming for you.
…You may prefer a more solution-based approach by learning specific skills to cope with disturbing emotions, thoughts and behaviours more effectively.
…You may like a less directive approach to talk about your life stories and develop a better understanding of how the past has been influencing you at present.
…And perhaps, you may need some guidance and support to help you (re)discover joy and meaning in your work or life.

There is no one-size-fit-all approach in psychotherapy. We shall work together to decide what works for you and what does not in order to maximize your treatment satisfaction and outcomes.

心理治療– 成年人

我們心理疾病和精神痛苦的來源有時是相當明確和具體的。您可能正在經歷一些人生的過渡期(如: 離家獨立生活,結婚,退休),或您正在處理一些為您帶來很大壓力的事情(如: 離婚,移民,喪親之痛)。有些時候,您可能沒有被特定的事件觸發情緒卻長時間遭受心理疾病和痛苦的困擾,或發現過去心理治療的改善根本不能保持下去。這可能代表您的問題和困難的起源尚未被發現和處理, 而這起源往往可以追溯到您的早年生活經歷。也許,您不知道您一直努力成為一個完美的員工,丈夫和父親, 很大程度上是由於您還活在您過分嚴苛的父母的陰影下。也有些例子是,您經常都不能阻止自己去取悅別人,總是把別人的需要放在您之前,卻沒有意識到您從小已被灌輸您自己是不重要或沒有價值的概念。


…您可能希望治療是以指導性較低的方式來進行, 讓您更自在地訴說您的生命故事和更深入地去了解您的過去如何影響著現在的您。

沒有一種心理治療能適合每一個人。 我們將共同去找出合適的方法去幫助您,以提高您對治療的滿意度和改善治療效果。